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Alfred Ombudo K’Ombudo

Principal Secretary, State Department of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investments, Government of Kenya

Mr. K’Ombudo is a multi-award-winning advisor of African governments offering solutions to the most complex development challenges they face, and has experience in over 14 African countries. Through senior assignments at the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, UNDP, East Africa Trade & Investment Hub and International Trade Centre, Alfred has designed and implemented ground-breaking economic development, trade and investment projects. These include advising the Government of Mozambique during ascension to the SADC Free Trade Area, advising the Nigerian Presidency on developing the African Peer Review Mechanism, and leading the development of the EAC Common Market Scorecard, an advisory project requested by the EAC Secretary General. His work has seen him receive several accolades including double mention as Kenya’s Top 40 Under 40, laureate of the Choiseul 100 Economic Leaders of Africa, and winner of the International Finance Corporation’s Knowbel Award for Excellence. Mr. K’Ombudo holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the United States International University-Africa.

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