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Dip Patel

Chief of Staff, Wasoko

Prior to joining Wasoko, Dip was Swvl’s General Manager in Kenya. Swvl is a multinational technology company changing how cities move by re-inventing mass transportation using technology. Dip is passionate about positively impacting the daily lives of people through technology. He had joined Swvl from Apollo Agriculture, a Kenyan technology company that helps small-scale farmers maximise their profits and before that, he was at Uber in East Africa, changing the way we perceive mobility. Dip is a Kenyan national who grew up in Nairobi, completed his bachelors in the USA at Vassar College and pursued a masters in the United Kingdom at LSE before coming back home to Kenya.

Ha liderado proyectos de canales online y offline enfocados en UX, engagement digital, reducción de costes y aumento de ingresos. Además, se ha desempeñado como docente y ponente en diversos eventos en Brasil y es docente en cursos de gestión de proyectos.