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Rose Ronoh

Economist, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Hi, my name is Rose Ronoh, and I am an African Trade Economist. My focus is on promoting economic growth, empowering women, and supporting SMEs and MSMEs. I have extensive experience and strong networks in various trade-related areas, including trade policy, trade facilitation, customs risk management, and regional integration. Over the years, I have provided technical assistance to a wide range of organizations, including development partners, Business Support Organizations/Associations, Trade Promotion Agencies, national governments, and Regional Economic Communities. My work has facilitated institutional capacity building on trade and trade-related issues, enabling the national and regional exchange of goods and services.

My research on market intelligence and trade information collation, trade policy analysis, and assessment of challenges arising from changes in national, regional, and international trade and tariff policies has been instrumental in identifying opportunities for growth and development. Through my research, I have been able to provide recommendations to governments and organizations, enabling them to make informed decisions that promote economic growth.

One of my significant achievements is my success in sourcing funding for and implementing development partners funded projects. I am well-versed in developing tender documents, coordinating team building, submission procedures, and evaluating funded projects for systematic development partners. Additionally, I have managed consultancy services and developed terms of reference for programmed projects. I select relevant experts from a database of experts on trade and trade-related issues to ensure the success of many projects.

I am also committed to promoting gender equality in trade. I have been a strong advocate for gender mainstreaming in trade, which involves integrating gender considerations into trade policies and programs. This approach recognizes the different roles and needs of men and women in the trade sector and seeks to ensure that both men and women benefit equally from trade-related activities.

My expertise has enabled me to provide technical assistance and institutional capacity building to various organizations, while also conducting research on market intelligence and trade information collation. I am passionate about my work and look forward to continuing to make a difference in the trade industry.