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During each eCommerce DAY event, eCommerce AWARDs are presented in different categories with the aim of recognizing individuals and companies that, through their constant support, have made and continue to make the Digital Economy possible in each country and the region.


To determine the finalists, there are two channels:

  1. Nomination of finalists by the Jury of Experts.
  2. There will be an opportunity to register online through an open call for all companies that wish to self-nominate for the established categories of these awards in each country.

The winners will be announced during each eCommerce Day.


The eCommerce Institute reserves the right to make modifications to the categories, reorganize them, or cancel them at any time and without prior notice, at its sole discretion, if deemed necessary, without participants having the right to claim any grievances.

Once the “Pre-registration Form” is completed, the Organizing Committee will contact the applicant company if it is accepted, after a scoring process, in order to complete the registration. The company must have paid the fee for the category in which it applied.

The selected companies will be listed with their name and URL in each of the 11 categories they applied for, forming the finalists for each category.

Finally, an International Panel of Experts will review the finalists and make their judgment, making any changes they deem necessary to select the winners for each category.

Once the Panel has made their decision on the finalists and winners of each category (the announcement of winners will be reserved for the day of the event), the communication will be made through the website, and the finalists must attend the event to learn the final verdict.

The International Panel of Experts, the Organizing Committee, and the eCommerce Institute are under no obligation to provide explanations for the reasons that motivated their choices and votes to the participants.


  1. The Jury should only select candidates from the list of registered participants for each category corresponding to the country where the eCommerce AWARDs will be presented. There are no restrictions based on whether the company is of national or foreign origin, but it must have local operations.

  2. The Jury can only choose from the sites included in the list of registered participants, making their role of utmost importance.

  3. The selection process for the finalists takes place 7 days before the local eCommerce DAY. The Jury will announce the finalist companies and the winners in each category.

  4. The eCommerce Award winners from each country will compete at the Latin American level, as they will be the winners in their respective regional category.


The Organizing Committee will establish the finalists to compete for the award and will submit them to the International Panel of Experts. The company/venture that receives the highest number of votes from the Jury will be the winner in each category.

Starting from 2016, the audience also has the opportunity to vote for the winner of each category through the “eCommerce Day Tour” APP, and the public vote counts as double.

In the event of a tie, the vote of the President of the Jury carries double weight.


The evaluation criteria we propose for candidates competing for the eCommerce AWARD should consider:

Qualitative aspects generated by demand: user/consumer perspective: how the user/consumer sees and values the website/platform, how useful it is, how easy it is to navigate, how attractive its design is, what shopping experience it provides, etc.

Qualitative aspects of the Offering: characteristics of the online channel: technology, visual design, functional design, flexibility, e-marketing campaigns, business strategy, etc.

The descriptions and criteria outlined in this document are intended to guide the evaluation process for jurors of different backgrounds and expertise. The criteria should be adapted to each specific case, and that adaptation is left to the discretion of each juror.


Functional criteria
Security and privacy criteria
Technology used
Business and marketing strategy


Overall visual and functional site design
Usability and navigation
Best practices and security
Support services and technology usage
Campaigns, innovation, multichannel, logistics



10 points
20 points
20 points
20 points
30 points

100 points

The importance of each factor varies depending on the type of business model and industry:

For example, in an information-selling model, content may be more important than visual design. On the other hand, in a travel package-selling website, the opposite may be true. The overall appreciation takes into account these differences and acts as a balancing factor.


The eCommerce Institute would like to inform that is interconnected with social media platforms. The eCommerce Institute provides users of the website with interoperability access to these platforms. The eCommerce Institute will not be responsible for any data that users or participating companies may enter or share on these platforms, as the responsibility lies solely with the user or company.

The eCommerce Institute reserves the right to disseminate the nominated/finalist candidates and winners through various means, as well as to publish photos and videos of the award ceremony. This does not create any financial obligation on the part of the eCommerce Institute towards the winners.

Furthermore, the eCommerce Institute grants the winners the right to use the award in all their internal and external promotional activities, provided that the date of the award ceremony is mentioned. It is expected that the companies will make their best efforts in promoting this recognition.


All the material on constitutes the exclusive property of the eCommerce Institute. This includes, but is not limited to, editorial notes, images or photographs, designs, graphics, sounds, videos, data compilations, trademarks, names, titles, designations, distinctive signs, databases, content, and any other material accessible through the website.

The eCommerce Institute reserves all rights over the aforementioned material and does not grant or transfer any intellectual property rights to users of the website or applicants. Therefore, reproduction, distribution, and/or modification of the material must be expressly authorized by the eCommerce Institute. However, the eCommerce Institute authorizes the publication of its material through the reproduction of the website link and/or indicating the source from which the material was obtained.

It is noted that the “ecommerce award” trademark is the property of the eCommerce Institute and is valid and duly registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property. Additionally, the design and content of the website are the exclusive property of the eCommerce Institute. Total or partial reproduction, as well as downloading through any means and subsequent use for any purpose, without the authorization of the eCommerce Institute, is strictly prohibited.

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