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Verónica Gakio

Founder, Ankole luxury

I am a self-made , passionate entrepreneur who embodies excellence in service, the spirit of partnership and humane values for sustainable success in business is the founder and Director of Ankole luxury that deals in the designing and manufacturing of bespoke handmade jewellery and accessories that are made using repurposed horn, brass and stones Each Ankole piece has been handcrafted by a dedicated team of highly experienced local artisans and a local women group. Ankole Luxury is dedicated to support, mentor, empower and work with local artisans, women and adults with Autism in their acquisition of skills to enable them become self –reliant.

I have a diploma holder in Human Resource Management from Zabeel University Dubai. I commands tremendous knowledge of global business trends and dynamics having held various leadership positions in Dubai, UAE and Kenya.
I continues to embrace incessant learning through various platforms e.g. Academy For Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), DHL & GIZ E-Commerce program, SINAPIS Road To Growth program, and WomenWork The Digital Future Program which have helped her network with other women entrepreneurs.

On the humanitarian front i am an autism advocate who actively volunteers at Andy Speaks 4SNP in support in advocacy & programs implementation and DTSK (Differently Talented Society of Kenya) two organizations which advocate, create awareness and provide psychosocial-support to parents of children on the autism spectrum as well as giving those with special need a chance to reclaim and assert their full potential in dignity and undying love. I am also community Influencer and events coordinator of enableMe, a platform that talks about disability matters.