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eCommerce Startup Competition is a Global Initiative of the eCommerce Institute with the objective of promoting digital ventures and providing support to global projects with the greatest development potential in the Digital Commerce and Internet Business ecosystem.

During each eCommerce DAY a winner of the eCommerce StartUP Competition is selected. This year the competition will be held in 13 Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, and in Kenya for the first time. For each eCommerce StartUP Competition, a select jury evaluates the candidates and selects the winner, who in turn will compete throughout the year to be the best startup in the competition at the Latin American level.

The competition is divided into two categories: “Products” and “Services”. The winning projects will receive prizes and support to allow them to promote their project.

It develops through two phases:

• Project submission

• Presentation of the selected projects during eCommerce Day in front of a jury of experts, made up of renowned personalities and members of venture capital companies.

Read here the conditions to participate at the eCommerce StartUP Competition.

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