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Thank you very much for your interest in the eCommerce Day Africa 2024!

We want to be a facilitator that allows you to access first-hand information and news from the sector, statistics, success stories, events, and the reality of the companies and people who are the main players in the digital economy in the Region.

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A Pivotal Event in Nairobi, Focused on Digital Commerce.

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Discover the eCommerce Awards Africa Finalists 2023

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eCommerce Award Africa Winners 2023

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eCommerce Day Africa 2023: marked a significant milestone for Africa´s digital industry.

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eCommerce Day Africa 2023

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Each DocuSeries explores the Digital Commerce ecosystem and the success stories of the main countries in the region, based on the digital hyper-acceleration unleashed by the pandemic in the last year. It provides valuable information and shows the challenges and opportunities that arise with the development and momentum that digital commerce has registered in recent years.

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